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Where Would We Be Without Games?

Posted on July 4, 2016  in Video gaming

It is a strange thing to say, but games have been a part of our life for thousands of years. Regardless of the part of world evidence of games being played are to be found everywhere. People play games for many different reasons. Some games are played to help people to learn something, for example hopscotch to help a child to learn to count, improve their dexterity and build up their social and language skills.

However, the majority of modern games are played purely for entertainment purposes. People need a way to relax and playing games is a great way of doing this. The vast majority of modern games are electronic and are played on a console, PC or some other electronic gaming device.

Modern Video Games

Many think that the precursor to modern home video games were arcade games like Asteroids, Space Invaders and Pac-Man. These games only became available in 1978. However, the first games consoles for home use were actually available as early as 1950. They were extremely basic and used vector displays not videos.

It was the Atari console, which brought home gaming to the masses in 1978. The main game Pong was beyond basic, but this basic tennis game was a massive hit. In the past 35 years, video games have become more and more sophisticated. Today, when you play you could almost be a part of the actual game. However, sadly they can be quite expensive to buy.

Buying Games

Even on a limited budget, it is possible to play the latest games. More and more consumers are choosing to rent games rather than buy them as soon as they are released. This is far cheaper than buying the game outright. It means that if you really like the game you can buy it at a later date. If you are patient enough, you can often buy games a few months after they have been released at a considerably reduced rate. Many High Street retailers sell second hand consoles and the best stores sell the latest games at reduced rates to help people to be able to afford to play the video games they love.

Learning from Games

The good thing about modern video games is that even though we mostly do it to be entertained it is becoming increasingly clear that gaming is actually very beneficial. Modern games have been proven to stimulate the brain in interesting, and important, ways.

Gaming Improve Brain Power

Gaming Improves Brain PowerImportantly these benefits do not stop once you stop playing. Basically, the mind works on pathways. If you regularly do something the brain follows the same pathway, the same pattern. The more you use that pathway the stronger it gets in time it becomes almost second nature. When you do several things that stimulate the brain in this way and build lots of tiny pathways in the same part of the brain your ability to use that area for other tasks improves remarkably.

Playing computer games also improves dexterity as well as hand eye coordination.


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Home Entertainment and Insurance

Posted on September 7, 2015  in Video gaming

Take Care with Home Contents Insurance

When buying your home contents insurance you need to take your time. Buying the wrong policy could cost you dear in the long run. There is nothing worse than being burgled only to find that the loss of your Grandfathers antique watch, which was stolen, is not covered due to an exception in your home contents insurance policy.

Cover your jewellery and other expensive items

The key to avoiding this situation is to take your time and to read the policy conditions before signing up with a particular company. If your policy does not cover expensive jewellery you will be able to see this because your policy will state the maximum amount that is covered for jewellery. If that amount is £600 and your Grandfather’s watch is worth £1,000 you will only get paid £600 for it.

You also need to make sure that other expensive items are covered.

Remember to insure your entertainment equipment

Most people do not realise that their home entertainment systems are worth a lot of money. Stop and think for a minute about how much you paid for your TVs, laptops, tablets, games consoles and smartphones and you will fall over backwards. What if someone broke in and stole it all or you lost it in a flood how would you replace it all? Would you be able to find the thousands of pounds or dollars you need to buy it all again? Probably not, this is why your contents insurance needs to provide enough coverage to replace it all.

Protection from gaming accidents

While we are on the subject of home entertainment and gaming, you need to check to see if your gadgets are covered for accidental damage. A surprising number of people end up breaking things when they get carried away playing video games. This kind of accident is happening more and more as people start playing games like the Wii or Xbox Kinect games. People have a tendency to knock things of shelves and punch the telly.

Questions to ask when buying home contents insurance

When buying home contents insurance ask about exceptions and what circumstances could invalidate your insurance. In other words, ask about the limits of the cover. For example, are the items in your shed or garage covered? What happens if you lose personal items like your phone while you are out of the house?

Think about the worst-case scenario like a fire or flood and ask yourself if the cover on offer is adequate to allow you to replace everything you could lose in those circumstances. Listen to what others say about their experience with their insurance company, and look at those companies first.

Take the time to shop around and compare quotes. When doing so make sure that you are comparing like for like quotes. You can use the money you save on your premiums to buy some new games or if you shop around really careful even a new games console.

Optional Extras you can add to a contents insurance policy.

Some policies give you the option of adding legal expenses cover and annual multi trip travel insurance cover


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Healthy Allergen Free Snacks for Gamers

Posted on September 1, 2015  in Video gaming, virtual keep fit


If you are like me once you sit down for a marathon gaming session you do not want to have to stop to prepare food. I love eating while gaming, and if I am not careful can end up eating a couple of thousand calories in one evening. This habit left me very overweight. My weight was one of the reasons I had to rein in my gaming habit.

I have now gotten my weight under control. However, I still like eating and gaming, so still do it, but these days I eat healthy snacks instead and limit the amount I consume. Below are some of my favorites most of them are allergen-free snack recipes I got from I am allergic to several foods and intolerant of many others, so these are all low allergen snacks.

Fresh fruit

Cube any fruit you fancy. Then thread it on kebab sticks to make easy to eat while you are gaming. If you prefer just lay it out on a plate and stick a cocktail stick in each piece of fruit.

A few cheese and pineapple cubes on a stick are nice, very old-fashioned, but extremely nice.

Healthy dips and chips


I love crisps but know they are not that healthy for me, so I limit myself to one or two packets if chips per month and eat them with healthy dips instead of the processed ones you buy in the supermarket.

Freshly made tomato sauce or guacamole sauce are both good for you. Homemade hummus is good too and if you are not allergic to wheat or gluten you can enjoy that with pitta bread, which contains far less fat than chips do.

Veggie Snacks

Veggie Crudite 616

Veg cut into sticks also make handy snacks that are easy to handle when gaming. I particularly like carrot and cucumber sticks, but you can do it with any vegetable you like. Raw cauliflower and broccoli are far nicer than they sound and they taste really good if you dip them in the healthy sauces I mentioned earlier.

Juicing a few pounds of vegetables is a great way to provide yourself with something healthy to drink. Putting it in a flask with some ice ensures that it stays cool enough and is refreshing for a couple of hours.

Healthy finger foods

I still love gaming pizza, but these days there is no cheese on my pizza and it is a thin base with plenty of fresh vegetables as the topping instead of a mountain of greasy meat and cheese. The base is homemade and made from gluten-free flour. I make a big batch every few months and freeze a stack, so making the pizza is not much harder than putting a shop bought pizza in the oven.

Meat and fish skewers

Skewers of grilled chicken with red chili, thyme, and lime wedges.

Skewers of grilled chicken with red chili, thyme, and lime wedges.

If you fancy a hot snack pre-cook some light meat or cubed fish and feed it onto skewers with fresh veg. You only need to pop them in the microwave for few minutes to warm them up just remember to use wooden skewers and drizzle with a little barbecue sauce before heating up to stop the meat drying out.


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Why Video Games are good for Your Health

Posted on August 29, 2015  in Video gaming

If you play video games as much as me the chances are your family are concerned. I spend several hours every night in my room playing and regularly get shouted at for doing so.

Now I will admit my game playing is not healthy I am definitely doing too much playing and not enough socialising. In addition, I have developed carpal tunnel syndrome, so recently have cut back on my playing. That means I have been reading more, but mostly about video gaming. Well I have to feed my addiction somehow don’t I?



Whilst browsing I came across an interesting article on Forbes that was all about the fact that gaming is actually good for your health. I started to look around and found several others.

Here are some of the reasons playing video games is actually good for your health and a bit about the research, that proves this:

Isabela Granic and Adam Lobel wrote the most interesting paper on the subject along with several others. It was entitled The Benefits of Playing Video Games and was written to try to balance out the evidence that is out there, which demonstrate the harmful effects playing video games can have.

Cognitive Benefits

People that play first person shooters have been proven to have better spatial awareness, faster reactions, better attention, visual processing and rotation abilities. Those who do not play lose all of those skills as they age. Even those who have never played before can quickly learn these skills. In one experiment, people only had to play for 50 hours to significantly improve their cognitive abilities.

Problem solving skills

Most gamers have better problem solving skills than those who do not play. Whilst playing gamers are constantly solving problems, so this comes as no surprise to those who play regularly.

More creative

The fact that gamers brains are lit up in so many different ways means that they are also very creative. Gamers can think outside the box and have vivid imaginations. This was proven by a study that looked at the creativity of 500 12 year olds who played video games on a regular basis.

Motivational skills

Most games are target driven. Every time you sit down you have a goal that you need to achieve. Again, studies have shown that the goal attainment skills you learn and use when playing video games stay with you and can be used in your real world life.

Good for social skills

Now this is an odd one. Most people think that people who play a lot of video games have poor social skills. In reality, video games can actually be good for building social skills. The immergence of group gaming has helped to turn gaming into a more social activity.

A recent study published in the Journal of Paediatrics shows that playing video games is good for the social skills of children aged between 10 and 15. That said balance is important. The study worked out that play for an hour or two a day was beneficial, but any longer than that was harmful.