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Healthy Allergen Free Snacks for Gamers

Posted on September 1, 2015  in Video gaming, virtual keep fit


If you are like me once you sit down for a marathon gaming session you do not want to have to stop to prepare food. I love eating while gaming, and if I am not careful can end up eating a couple of thousand calories in one evening. This habit left me very overweight. My weight was one of the reasons I had to rein in my gaming habit.

I have now gotten my weight under control. However, I still like eating and gaming, so still do it, but these days I eat healthy snacks instead and limit the amount I consume. Below are some of my favorites most of them are allergen-free snack recipes I got from I am allergic to several foods and intolerant of many others, so these are all low allergen snacks.

Fresh fruit

Cube any fruit you fancy. Then thread it on kebab sticks to make easy to eat while you are gaming. If you prefer just lay it out on a plate and stick a cocktail stick in each piece of fruit.

A few cheese and pineapple cubes on a stick are nice, very old-fashioned, but extremely nice.

Healthy dips and chips


I love crisps but know they are not that healthy for me, so I limit myself to one or two packets if chips per month and eat them with healthy dips instead of the processed ones you buy in the supermarket.

Freshly made tomato sauce or guacamole sauce are both good for you. Homemade hummus is good too and if you are not allergic to wheat or gluten you can enjoy that with pitta bread, which contains far less fat than chips do.

Veggie Snacks

Veggie Crudite 616

Veg cut into sticks also make handy snacks that are easy to handle when gaming. I particularly like carrot and cucumber sticks, but you can do it with any vegetable you like. Raw cauliflower and broccoli are far nicer than they sound and they taste really good if you dip them in the healthy sauces I mentioned earlier.

Juicing a few pounds of vegetables is a great way to provide yourself with something healthy to drink. Putting it in a flask with some ice ensures that it stays cool enough and is refreshing for a couple of hours.

Healthy finger foods

I still love gaming pizza, but these days there is no cheese on my pizza and it is a thin base with plenty of fresh vegetables as the topping instead of a mountain of greasy meat and cheese. The base is homemade and made from gluten-free flour. I make a big batch every few months and freeze a stack, so making the pizza is not much harder than putting a shop bought pizza in the oven.

Meat and fish skewers

Skewers of grilled chicken with red chili, thyme, and lime wedges.

Skewers of grilled chicken with red chili, thyme, and lime wedges.

If you fancy a hot snack pre-cook some light meat or cubed fish and feed it onto skewers with fresh veg. You only need to pop them in the microwave for few minutes to warm them up just remember to use wooden skewers and drizzle with a little barbecue sauce before heating up to stop the meat drying out.


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Is the Virtual Gym Already a Reality?

Posted on August 26, 2015  in virtual keep fit


If you are looking for a fun way to stay fit virtual reality is definitely going to be for you. Up until a few months ago, working out with the aid of the video gaming would have been impossible. The only choice you would have had was to use the Wii Fit and other online games to stay fit. However, finally oculus Rift and Gear VR I have been to the realm of the gym.

Today, it is easy to find applications for these virtual reality headsets that you can use to help you to work out more effectively. Here are just a few of them:

Temple Run VR


Temple Run VR works well with the Galaxy Note 4 and Samsung’s Oculus headset. In this game, you are running in a virtual environment without any particular changes it direction. This makes it ideal for use in the gym.
Running in a virtual environment is certainly a lot more fun than running on the treadmill. You tend to push yourself more without realizing that you are doing so. Time flies by because it does not feel like you are running in a boring gym.

Virtual Reality spin classes using Wildrun

Oculus Rift Development Version

Oculus Rift Development Version

With the help of an Oculus Rift headset and a special adapter, it is now possible to go for a virtual cycle ride. The developers of Wildrun have made it possible for you to take your road bike and lock it into a docking station that has microcontrollers embedded into it.

The microcontrollers simulate road or track resistance and speed that correspond to the environment that is presented through the headset. Currently backgrounds are limited but more course and environments are being developed.

The ultimate virtual reality workout


Icaros has come up with the most effective virtual reality piece of gym kit. In fact it so good that it could easily replace the need to go to the gym at all. The Icaros team have worked in conjunction with the German design company Hyve.

The new gym gadget is currently in its 2nd incarnation. It is an odd-looking piece of kit. When on it you are in a face down position balanced on a kind of gimble. The gimble moves as you navigate the environment you see the virtual reality headset. To move you have to use your muscles. From the looks of things, it is going to give us a stunning core workout. The games being developed for the device include a deep-water swimming experience and they are experimenting with the idea of an interstellar flight game.


There is little doubt that virtual reality will soon become a regular part of our lives. Exactly how it will be used to keep us fit remains to be seen. However, it is obvious that virtual reality is going to stop up from putting on weight by sitting around on the couch playing video games. At that point, the world of video gaming will have gone full circle.