Where Would We Be Without Games?

It is a strange thing to say, but games have been a part of our life for thousands of years. Regardless of the part of world evidence of games being played are to be found everywhere. People play games for many different reasons. Some games are played to help people to learn something, for example hopscotch to help a child to learn to count, improve their dexterity and build up their social and language skills.

However, the majority of modern games are played purely for entertainment purposes. People need a way to relax and playing games is a great way of doing this. The vast majority of modern games are electronic and are played on a console, PC or some other electronic gaming device.

Modern Video Games

Many think that the precursor to modern home video games were arcade games like Asteroids, Space Invaders and Pac-Man. These games only became available in 1978. However, the first games consoles for home use were actually available as early as 1950. They were extremely basic and used vector displays not videos.

It was the Atari console, which brought home gaming to the masses in 1978. The main game Pong was beyond basic, but this basic tennis game was a massive hit. In the past 35 years, video games have become more and more sophisticated. Today, when you play you could almost be a part of the actual game. However, sadly they can be quite expensive to buy.

Buying Games

Even on a limited budget, it is possible to play the latest games. More and more consumers are choosing to rent games rather than buy them as soon as they are released. This is far cheaper than buying the game outright. It means that if you really like the game you can buy it at a later date. If you are patient enough, you can often buy games a few months after they have been released at a considerably reduced rate. Many High Street retailers sell second hand consoles and the best stores sell the latest games at reduced rates to help people to be able to afford to play the video games they love.

Learning from Games

The good thing about modern video games is that even though we mostly do it to be entertained it is becoming increasingly clear that gaming is actually very beneficial. Modern games have been proven to stimulate the brain in interesting, and important, ways.

Gaming Improve Brain Power

Gaming Improves Brain PowerImportantly these benefits do not stop once you stop playing. Basically, the mind works on pathways. If you regularly do something the brain follows the same pathway, the same pattern. The more you use that pathway the stronger it gets in time it becomes almost second nature. When you do several things that stimulate the brain in this way and build lots of tiny pathways in the same part of the brain your ability to use that area for other tasks improves remarkably.

Playing computer games also improves dexterity as well as hand eye coordination.

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