5 reasons to play video games in your target language

How to Learn Any Language by Playing Video Games

So, it’s only natural that video games are starting to gain a reputation for being powerful learning tools, and of course, this can be applied to language learning. You no longer have to limit yourself to interactive tools made specifically for language learners, either—you can play anything from “Call of Duty: Ghosts” to “Left 4 Dead 2” and “The Sims 4,” as we’ll show you later on. First, let’s explore the why and how of learning languages with video games. Then we’ll jump into the popular game titles available in foreign languages!

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When learning a second language, playing video games sounds like a dream way to learn. Certainly, more interesting than memorizing grammar!

Game-ify Study Time

This real-time aspect of MMO’s may sound terrifying for someone learning a language. But actually, a highly useful gamification study by Ian Glover , a lecturer in technology-enhanced learning at Sheffield Hallam University, found that learners in general have a high level of extrinsic motivation when they game.

The advanced level requires students to write out a text with a musical representation of its rhythm, and perform it. The results are astounding: all of the students report enjoying the lessons and being highly motivated for learning; music helps expand significantly the vocabulary in a short period of time and learn typical phrases, necessary for a meaningful communication; listening to songs and singing actually reduces the foreign-sounding accent; grammar patterns are more easily remembered and put to use; and students learn more about the sentence rhythm, pronunciation, tones and beat of the english language than they ever would if studying only by traditional methods.

Duolingo’s CEO, Luis von Ahn, promises only to get users to a level between advanced beginner and early intermediate: “a significant portion of our users use it because it’s fun and it’s not a complete waste of time”. After six months of studying french with Duolingo, von Ahn demonstrated a lack of basic verb tenses when asked to describe his weekend in French, “mangling his tenses.

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Improve your pronunciation. Use the Funeasylearn app to take your communication skills to a new level. Build up a solid vocabulary by learning Korean every day, and communicate freely with other people who speak the Korean language. Be able to share your thoughts and discuss your plans.

Is It Possible to Learn a Language Playing Video Games?

Have you ever wondered what the most effective way to learn a new language is? There are several, and certainly, Pimsleur’s language programs are top among them. But it turns out that video games can also be an effective tool for learning a language quickly.

For ELL’s in particular, serious simulation games present an opportunity to demonstrate both existing funds of knowledge and fresh academic learning in ways that reduce the demand for expressive language. All well-designed educational video games support students by scaffolding learning as the challenges intensify.

Unfortunately, servers for role-playing games are getting increasingly more rare, which is a shame as they are great games for learning languages. You have to write everything your characters does and says, so it can be a bit too hard for beginners. You’ll improve really quickly, although at first, it might seem a tad bit overwhelming.

Start with games made for children.

Muzzy BBC is a wonderful resource for teaching Italian to children of any age. It is the most popular website for teaching italian in the world used by both parents and schools. There are 12 different lessons. Each one starts with a short subtitled video, which is followed by games and activities which reinforce the grammar and vocabulary that has just been learned.

Play games made for adult learners.

This can equally motivate learners (or parents) who fear that playing games is just frivolous time-wasting. For example, informing even adult students that a simple hangman or hotseat game helps them improve spelling skills, gets their brains focused on recognising the shape and structure of new words, and facilitates their learning of new vocabulary soon helps them see the value.

Learning Can Be Fun: How to Learn a Language Playing Video Games

But there’s another powerful way to learn a language through rich context and interaction. A method that makes the language that you learn more memorable because of all the connections you form while doing it. Video games can be a powerful language learning tool, and there are loads of different ways to use them to maximize the time you spend both playing and learning.

Using language games can be a fun way to integrate your language learning into everyday life!. We rounded up a few language games that either exist in other languages, or that you can adjust to work in other languages. Anything could technically be made to work with speaking a new language, but here are the best options for an enriching language games experience.

Designers became more aware of the enormous market of. Language learners. Playing video games will prepare students for social.

Participation. It is common for groups of friends to play. Video games in their leisure time. Computer games can. Provide a natural bond for foreign language learners who. Would like to become friends with native speakers. However, playing and talking about these games requires. A particular frame of reference, a different set of. Vocabulary than is generally taught in the language. Classroom. By bringing video games into the forefront of. An elective language course, students will learn language. Possibility that language learning can be supported by. Digital games. Much like movies and other media, some. Video games provide a window onto the world, a resource. That can and should be tapped for learning.

Why Playing Video Games is an Effective Way to Learn a Language

As long as you’re flexible with the genres, traditional video games are excellent at exposing you to language of all registers, used in a variety of situations. I accustomed my ear to British pronunciation by playing FIFA, acquired a wealth of financial and bureaucratic slang in Hospital and Theme Park World, learned nuanced language when negotiating in Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, lost the fear of historical vocabulary after a few campaigns in Caesar iii and Civilization, and leveled up my street skills in Grand Theft Auto.

Playing video games is a great way to let children, as well as adults, learn a new language spontaneously. Instead of looking down on video games, we should all see the benefits they bring and the possibilities you have when immersing yourself in a virtual world.

Playing a video game is a strong catalyst of language learning. Improving language helps us to be successful in the played game and the game helps us to be better in the second language. The question is, how can video games enhance language learning? “language learning through gameplay can happen in a wide variety of ways, from a planned learning activity in an instructional environment to an incidental by-product of a gamer’s interactions with the game and its associated online activities” (Godwin Jones)

Choose Your Game

Spelling challenges : if your students are in need of some help with spelling, this game could be a fun way to get them to practice. It contains more than 25,000 words at 100 different levels and engages players through 11 different games.

You can get your students to help each other out by challenging them to a trivia game. Divide the class into groups, and pit them against each other. Prepare slips of paper with questions on them at their particular skill level. Keep questions as simple and basic as possible for beginners, and work your way up.

Which language you choose to learn will depend a lot on where your interest in game design lies; web-based or pc-/console-based. Pc- and console-based languages will include object-oriented languages, as well as simpler scripting languages, whereas web development will focus solely on technologies built for the web (although there is some crossover, again beyond the scope of this article).

Try Playing Video Games to Learn a Language

But, combine a quality, communication-dependent game like “wWorld of Warcraft” – Dr. Thorne’s choice – with the 15 hours a week kids spend gaming, and learning will come out of that, he says. In the future, video games might become a more utilized option among the tools language learners already use, including phone apps, podcasts, youtube videos, and in-person instruction.

Listen to podcasts or the radio in your target language on your commute. Watch youtube videos in the language you’re trying to learn. A lot of foreign-language videos will have english subtitles. And if you’re feeling bold, you can even watch them without the subtitles! the internet is your friend.

Textbooks. Lectures. Homework. What if you could just throw it all away?. What if you could pick up a playstation controller instead—and your grammar would actually get better? It sounds crazy, but it’s true. 

Is It Possible to Learn a Language Playing Video Games?

Why pay for expensive language software when you can use dozens of language learning websites for free? These websites use lessons, videos, images, games, and interactions to help you learn a new language or brush up an existing one, just as expensive programs do.

These topics are reiterated throughout our games, songs, and activities to reinforce the language connections for kids learning spanish. Once these basics are acquired, it is possible to move on to even more complex ideas. Stories enables you to to build students’ comprehension skills and give them a love for spanish language and culture that will motivate them to continue learning spanish for years to come.

Many of us have framed the coronavirus lockdown as an ideal time to tackle long-delayed self-improvement projects, like learning a new language or a musical instrument. Also, a lot of us are spending our time playing video games. But it looks like plenty of people have combined the two, using this time to learn new skills via game-like apps.

Imagine speaking a new language in 30 days!

If you think that video games are only for children and teenagers, you’d be surprised to find out that the average gamer is 31. Nowadays, there is a wide variety of games to choose from, and the Yabla program will introduce kids to the fundamentals of French, using words and themes integral to kids’ lives such as colors, shapes, Yabla provides authentic listening practice using interactive language video from all over the speaking world.

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