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Why Video Games are good for Your Health

If you play video games as much as me the chances are your family are concerned. I spend several hours every night in my room playing and regularly get shouted at for doing so.

Now I will admit my game playing is not healthy I am definitely doing too much playing and not enough socialising. In addition, I have developed carpal tunnel syndrome, so recently have cut back on my playing. That means I have been reading more, but mostly about video gaming. Well I have to feed my addiction somehow don’t I?



Whilst browsing I came across an interesting article on Forbes that was all about the fact that gaming is actually good for your health. I started to look around and found several others.

Here are some of the reasons playing video games is actually good for your health and a bit about the research, that proves this:

Isabela Granic and Adam Lobel wrote the most interesting paper on the subject along with several others. It was entitled The Benefits of Playing Video Games and was written to try to balance out the evidence that is out there, which demonstrate the harmful effects playing video games can have.

Cognitive Benefits

People that play first person shooters have been proven to have better spatial awareness, faster reactions, better attention, visual processing and rotation abilities. Those who do not play lose all of those skills as they age. Even those who have never played before can quickly learn these skills. In one experiment, people only had to play for 50 hours to significantly improve their cognitive abilities.

Problem solving skills

Most gamers have better problem solving skills than those who do not play. Whilst playing gamers are constantly solving problems, so this comes as no surprise to those who play regularly.

More creative

The fact that gamers brains are lit up in so many different ways means that they are also very creative. Gamers can think outside the box and have vivid imaginations. This was proven by a study that looked at the creativity of 500 12 year olds who played video games on a regular basis.

Motivational skills

Most games are target driven. Every time you sit down you have a goal that you need to achieve. Again, studies have shown that the goal attainment skills you learn and use when playing video games stay with you and can be used in your real world life.

Good for social skills

Now this is an odd one. Most people think that people who play a lot of video games have poor social skills. In reality, video games can actually be good for building social skills. The immergence of group gaming has helped to turn gaming into a more social activity.

A recent study published in the Journal of Paediatrics shows that playing video games is good for the social skills of children aged between 10 and 15. That said balance is important. The study worked out that play for an hour or two a day was beneficial, but any longer than that was harmful.