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Can you Really Get Fit Using the Wii Fit?


We have all been there. We get in from work thinking I will just have 5 minutes, then get ready, and go to the gym, but inevitably, we never make it to the gym. Ultimately, we just to sit down and start watching TV or reading book instead. Just getting up to go out to the gym is just too much effort. It is just too much of an effort.

Fortunately, there is a solution. All you have to do is to get up, set up your Wii system, and use the fitness programmes.

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Using it is as simple as turning on the television, which let us face it you are going to do anyway, and turning on the fit. Because you are in your own home, you can play anything you want and enjoy doing so. You do not have change into a special outfit or make the effort to go out.

In addition, the time that you would be spending travelling to the gym, and back again, can be used to play for longer, which means that you get a longer workout. The fact that it is fun and so convenient means that you are bound to exercise more than you would otherwise.

That said, the question remains just how fit can you get using the Wii Fit?

Get ultra fit using Wii games

Actually quite fit. Bearing in mind that to get fit all you need to do is to move fast enough to be slightly out of breath and burn some calories and you can see that many of the games that are included in the Wii Fit package are suitable for doing this. Take for example the boxing game. Once you get past the easiest levels, you actually have to move quite fast and have to breathe heavily to complete the harder levels. It is a great way of working out the stress of the day.

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Because you are on your feet, you are getting your whole body moving and most of the time, because you all punching from the waist, you are actually building up your core muscles. This is very good for burning belly fat and strengthening the lower back.

Even the easy games can help with fitness

Now it may not be that the bowling game will get you particularly fit because you do not have to move much to enjoy that game. Yet even that game has a place in a fitness regime for some people. Those who have joint problems are very overweight or are elderly will not be able to play the tennis or box, but they can enjoy the bowling.

Studies have shown that older people who have been inactive for many years find that playing the Wii bowling game get some moving again enjoying exercise and encourages them to do more. It is also good for getting people smiling and chatting with each other. Playing Wii games is becoming extremely popular in care homes.

The Wii has something for everybody. Many of the adult games are extremely active so they are also ideal for people who all already quite fit. They can help you to spend more time exercising and be used to build up stamina levels.