External Hard Drives for Playstations

Playstation Hard DrivesIf you own a Playstation, the chances are you have a lot of important files on it. Files that you really would not want to lose. On this page, we are going to tell you about how to buy a good quality external hard drive for your PS3 or PS4.

What you can and cannot backup

However, before we get into talking about actual external hard drives for Playstations we need to explain what you can and cannot back up from a PS4 or PS3. It is not as straightforward as backing up a laptop or desktop PC.

Some games are copy protected. This means that you cannot make a viable copy of them. All games you buy from the Playstation shop fall into this category.

Therefore, if your sole reason for buying an external hard drive for a PS4 or PS3 is to backup your games you will be wasting your money. Naturally, this is disappointing to hear and it is something most users do not realise until after they have bought an external hard drive for their Playstation.

Why you still need to backup

However, please do not be too put off by this fact. The chances are your PS3 or4 still contains a lot of files that are important to you, which you will want to backup.

You no doubt have photos and movies you would hate to lose. These you can protect by making a copy onto an external drive that has been formatted for use with a PS3 or 4.

OK, so now you know what you can backup and why it makes sense to do so, we are going to tell you about two great slim PS3 external drives.

If you want to backup your PS4, you need a different type of drive. The format has to be Fat32. In addition, you need a drive fitted with a Dinn1 connector. Neither of the drives below is suitable for backing up a PS4.

The DIGISTOR 1TB External Hard Drive for PlayStation 3 (PS3)


  • Price – $99-$140


  • Weight: 8 ozs


  • Speed: fast data transfer



  • Connectivity: This drive can be connected via a 2.0 or 3.0 USB port




  • Playstation Backup Utility built in


  • The ability to watch movies and play music from the drive itself


What other buyers say about this drive

The reviews were mostly positive for this product. However, many users were surprised that they could not backup games that they had bought from the Playstation store to this drive, so there were some negative reviews because of this.


This PS3 super slim external hard drive quite literally will fit into your shirt pocket. It is rugged yet still looks good. This external drive is powered via the USB, so there is no need to carry around a bulky wall adapter.

You simply have to plug the drive in to use it. There is no need to format it and using it really could not be easier. It is a great way to remove multimedia files from your Playstation to free up space.


Sadly, it is not possible to copy individual games from PSN onto the drive. The system is designed to act as a multimedia storage unit. It is not possible to save games you have brought from the Playstation store to this drive.

Some users were expecting to be able to backup their Xbox as well as files from their PS3 onto this drive. Unfortunately this cannot be done. In fact, if you attempt it you are likely to end up with a blue screen Xbox that will not work at all.

The backup takes a while during which time you cannot play your PS3. Naturally, the more files you have stored on your gaming console the longer it takes.

U32 Shadow 1TB USB 3.0 External Hard Drive for Sony Playstation 3 (PS3)


  • Price – $90



  • Weight: 2 ounces



  • Connectivity: connects via a 3.0 USB





  • 3-year warranty


  • Padded carrying case


What actual users say about the U32 Shadow

The reviews for the U32 Shadow were mixed. Like the other drive, most users were surprised by the fact that they were unable to back their games up onto this drive, and the lack of instructions was an issue for some. However, most users liked the drive.


This is another ultra-compact drive. One user described it as an oversized pen drive for the PS3. It is thin and narrow enough to slip into a shirt pocket.

Users appreciated the fact that the USB was 3.0, which made transferring files from the drive to their Mac or PCs fast and simple. It is a good external hard drive for a PS3 and Windows 7.


Unfortunately, there are no instructions with this product. If you have never backed up your PS3 to an external drive or memory stick instructions are helpful. You can find out how to do it online, but that is not ideal.

Again, this drive is not for backing up PS games. However, it is great for backing up media files.

Some users complained of lag, but not to the point where the drive became unusable.

If you are looking for a PS3 backup drive the ones above are a good choice.

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