Occulus VR to be Lock Free

Virtual reality leader Oculus has removed applications locks that prevented folks playing games made on a competing apparatus because of its Rift headset.

The locks were added after VR enthusiasts made applications called Revive that let port Oculus games or individuals move to the HTC Vive.

The applications controls have been stripped out by a software update for the Oculus Rift.

Locked in no more

Soon after, by upgrading its core applications to perform a headset test to ensure a Rift was used to play the games Oculus sought to thwart Revive. The verdict remained at odds with statements by Oculus creator Palmer Luckey who said it did not desire to triumph by “locking in” folks into using just its hardware.

Online, Oculus’s attempts to keep people playing games were criticized by many VR headset owners.

The programmers behind Revive sought to get around the Oculus test to ensure games ran – though difficulties were reported by some users because each headset uses different kinds of controls to let folks play with things in virtual universes.

The headset test has vanished in the applications needed to get the Oculus working. Revive programmers who posted a message about the upgrade on their page detected the change -sharing web site.

The emergence of new virtual reality gaming

There is no doubt that virtual reality is the future. Many in the gaming industry believe that we are on the cusp of a new gaming revolution, and we tend to agree.

Finally, the hardware is catching up with the technology. It is now possible to break free of the cables and play games without being limited to playing in a confined space.

This opens up the potential to take virtual reality into any space and allow players to physically interface without each other in a real, physical environment. However, without a doubt, the only way this vision is going to be fully realized is if the various systems can communicate properly with each other. Therefore, this announcement is one that many gamer fans are very pleased to hear.

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